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Functie omschrijving

Our client's consultants lead search, succession planning, and assessment assignments on behalf of their clients across all major functions and industries, including Fortune 500 companies, venture capital and private equity-backed businesses, and premier academic institutions and nonprofits. Our client leverage their industry knowledge and expertise to strategically advise on top-priority, executive-level Human Capital needs.

Specifically, our client's search strategy combines the significant information they glean from market intelligence and an internal needs assessment to identify their client’s strategic goals and challenges. Our client analyze these findings in partnership with partners to extrapolate the key competencies and skills required for success in the role, and agree upon target candidate pools. Our client sources the global market, assess potential prospects, and interview candidates, gauging relevant experience and qualitative factors. Our client guides their clients through a search process to a successful offer negotiation. Throughout this process, our client consistently delivers insightful, impactful, and nuanced counsel to the their clients.

In addition to executing assignments, as their careers evolve, consultants build and deepen long-term client relationships through the execution of the highest quality work and the pursuit of a range of business development activities. Our client's senior consultants develop market-validated reputations for their expertise, and are recognized by leading companies within their sector as trusted advisors. Consultants hold internal titles based on levels of experiences, being Associates, Executive Directors and Managing Directors. Associates have substantial work experience, with sector knowledge and relevant experience managing clients and leading relationships with C-suite executives. Those who join as Associates will have progressed to a senior functional or project management role and will have been responsible for the successful delivery of projects/initiatives involving tight timelines, diverse stakeholders, and stretch objectives. Over time, and as their industry expertise and client relationships develop, successful performers are promoted. Our client is committed to investing and training and career development as part of a long-standing belief that the firm benefits from a ‘grow from within’ philosophy. All consultants are brought into the client with the intention and expectation that they will become Partners and owners of the firm in the future. New consultants would not be expected to generate new clients in the early years.


Our client is a leading international executive search firm based in multiple cities around the globe.

Functie eisen

  • Driving Results: Rigorously holding oneself and others accountable for achieving high levels of individual and organizational performance.
  • Developing and Leveraging Relationships: Creating and cultivating internal and external networks of people and using them to accomplish objectives.
  • Analytical Skills: Having an expansive ability to handle complex and multi-dimensional problems, and to apply logic, analysis, and sound reasoning to solve those problems. 
  • Communication: Being highly articulate and able to convey important messages in a clear and compelling manner. 
  • Challenge-seeking: Being attracted to first-time situations and stretch goals that put his/her abilities and those of the organization to the test.
  • Impact and Impression: Generating a strong, positive, and remarkable personal presence resulting from one’s bearing, style, words or behaviour. 
  • Empathy: Understanding and accurately assessing the reactions of others, and acting out of a consideration for those feelings and experiences.
  • International Cultural Astuteness: Being perceptive to cultural differences, open to new ways of doing things, and able to adapt words and practices to new cultural contexts. 
  • Integrity: Doing the right thing by others, having the courage of own convictions, and adhering to strongly held principles and values. 
  • Learning Agility: Quickly absorbing new information and the significance of changes in dynamic situations.
  • Entrepreneurial Drive: Being quick to seize and capitalize on trends and opportunities.


Our client offers a unique opportunity for those who wish to build a career in Leadership Advisory and assessment with a highly successful global firm with professional standards and a strong team spirit.

Compensation is similar to the model used by strategy consulting firms and will include a base salary, a performance-related bonus plus the usual benefits.




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