For Candidates

Safe landing

Hello World! For you, a job is more than simply a place to work and a source of income. You want to explore new frontiers, discover exciting new realities. AI, machine learning, apps… technology for a better world. You’re looking for a place where you’ll find people like you with a passion for IT. Where work combines with fun and you can make new friends. And that’s precisely Recruit By Crowd’s approach. No formalities. We’d rather go for a beer, listen to what you think is really important and find out what makes you happy. In exchange, we’ll tell you everything about the job, the company, and the people who work there. And don’t worry about relocating, we’ll give you all the help you need.

Relocation Handling

You just landed an exciting new job in The Netherlands. Quite a challenge, moving to a new country. Different culture, different language, different customs. Of course you want to make a good start. No worries, Recruit By Crowd will help you make things as easy as possible. From handling immigration and visa procedures to opening a bank account, and from finding suitable housing to arranging language lessons. We’ll even advance the first month’s rent of your apartment if necessary. And it doesn’t end with you starting your new job; we’ll continue to assist you whenever you need us.

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