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You want a recruiter who gets you. Who, just like you.enjoys their work and understand what is really important. Recruit by crowd will come and see you at your office or or in the pub round the corner, wherever you feel most comfortable. We want to know exactly what your company and job are about. together we’ll keep going until we arrive at the essence and agree on what type of candidate we’re looking for. this will make the final selection a lot easier.

Why our approach works

Recruitment is all about people. Meeting people, getting to know people, put people into contact with each other. Recruit By Crowd is continuously looking for candidates in the Netherlands and Eastern Europe. Spain and Turkey. We don’t recruiters throughout Europe.

We look for candidates who don’t just excel at their work, but who are good communicators as well. Because even though IT is mostly technical, to succeed at a new job you must be able to question, and only when we’re sure about their ability, motivation, and suitability do we present them to the client. That’s the best guarantee for success

Start & relocation

The moment has come: you have a new employee. Great! Now you’d like them to start as soon as possible. But since a lot of candidates come from abroad,it’s not always straightforward. But don’t worry:if you like, We can take care of the complete relocation process. Or help you with it. We know exactly what tot do when it comes to immigration,housing and language lessons.

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