Senior Python Developer

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Senior Python Developer 

For our customer, a large consultancy company, we are recruiting for multiple roles. They will be replacing existing consultancy agencies for one large new force. The project will be taking 5+ years and the main goal is to update and deploy all new software on set top boxes  for cable
companies around Europe. Any video streaming through any portal (Set top box, Web, App) will be processed through this project.

Team size of teams are on average 6 people including PO. The teams are distributed over Europe and Asia, and there is a core team working from the HQ in Amsterdam. 

In this case, we are looking for a Senior Python Developer.


·         Organize and execute Technical field trials  

·         Provide Field trials support and interpret field trial results 
·         Establish and maintain close working relations with key interfacing areas of the business, managing customer affecting issues to resolution where relevant communication towards internal customers on solution & timelines
·         Produce timely and accurate business reports and reviews and be compliant with all internal reporting requirements 
·         Drive standardization of tools and processes around the CPE trials and mass rollout across the footprint 
·         Work proactively with central and country stakeholders to ensure the smooth, successful and timely implementation of upgrades and/or new technology within the Entertainment platforms (pre-production and/or production)



·         In depth python 3 knowledge

·         built in: create optimized python code to manipulate dataset and apply the best data structure matching the requirements

·         standard library

·         Iterators 

·         creation of generator to build and maintain ETL pipelines while keeping memory usage to the minimum

·         Context manager

·         Asynchronous programming

·         create, deploy and maintain async code to collect big dataset from external resources within a specific time constraints.


·         flask

·         fastapi

·         Functional programming

·         Good understanding of Event-driven architecture

·         Testing framework / Unit testing / pytest


·         In depth knowledge of Git:

·        create branches, merge them, resolve conflicts, and all other related tasks w.r.t. having a shared code base

·         In depth knowledge or Nginx

·         Able to troubleshoot routing issue

·         Good understanding of unix service management

·         Creation, update of unit/timer files

·         Able to find running or failing services

·         service template creation

·         In depth knowledge of Influxdb:

·         create Continuous queries to downsample dataset

·         Create optimized query for big datasets

·         Neo4j

·         Mysql

·         Redis

·         Docker



·         Visas are paid in full, plus 30% ruling request

·         20 vacation days per plus national holidays + expat desk is arranged

·         €1000,- starting bonus

·         Health care insurance -Benefit in Kind- €1500 gross

·         Private School allowance 2 kids maximum 5K per child per year

·         We upfront rent plus deposit, payback in 5-6 months at no extra costs

Job details

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img Job Id: 28104000001168019

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