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Location: Amersfoort

Job Id: 28104000001060010

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Job Description

An ambitious provider of energy and mobility services. With a comprehensive in house built software suite. The offer a complete mid- and back office solution that we use to offer a variety of services to customers in the energy and mobility domains. The continuous development of our software suite, that links to various other market parties. Together with a driver team of business owners and specialists we work every day to extend and improve our software platform.

Currently the environment is running on Docker Swarm, which is hosted on AWS and CloudFormation. 

They are using docker compose files to define runnables and dependencies, then it gets deployed to a docker swarm which manages the number of instances.
The stack includes:
• Docker, docker-compose, (Docker-swarm –> will be Kubernetes) and in combination with AWS Lambda.
• Portainer to visualize the stack and the verticals running on docker swarm, and configure them
• Graylog used for logging
• Grafana is used to visualize metrics which we gather from the services, environment and containers
• Traefik used as a routing service for service discovery and also partial load balancing
• Prometheus time series database to gather statistics data from services, containers and environment
• Alertmanager as part of the Prometheus stack, using API’s to send alerts based on triggers from Prometheus
• Ansible centralize and codify our environments
• RabbitMQ for messaging
• PostgreSQL is our persistence storage
• Redis as our in memory cache

  • Nexus 
  • Jenkins 
  • Github (cloud)
  • Jira (Atlassian cloud)
  • Confluence (Atlassian cloud)
  • Codacy (cloud) – static code analysis
  • Sentry


Everything is treated as code, starting
from the environment, through deployment with pipelines and the rules for it.

would be to:

  • create new pipelines and maintain the existing pipelines
  • create and maintain ansible scripts 
  • design, maintain and improve the CICD pipeline
  • support the teams with the usage of the new deployment pipeline
  • design and improve monitoring
  • design and improve alerting and scaling mechanism
  • design and improve the existing technology stack
  • add improvements to the way containers are used, security updates and configuration
  • actively be involved in the decisions on some of the architectural designs concerning the environment
  • help the teams adapt configuration if needed to match deployment procedures


  • Experience in cloud environments (AWS);
  • Experience with infrastructure as code (CloudFormation);
  • Experience with CI/CD pipelines;
  • Experience with Docker (+ Docker Swarm/Kubernetes)
  • Experience with Linux/Unix/Windows Administration and scripting;
  • Knowledge of the Well architected framework;
  • Knowledge of Service-oriented architecture, API design, web services and microservices;
  • Knowledge of DevOps is a pre;
  • Fluent in English;


We offer:
  • A full time limited duration labour agreement with competitive salary and the possibility of an unlimited duration agreement
  • Being stationed in a modern, very recently renovated office right above Amersfoort railway station
  • A substantial number of holidays and flexible working hours to promote a good work-life balance
  • A company provided laptop
  • A healthy and varied lunched available at the office for a small fee

Job details

img Location: Amersfoort

img Job Id: 28104000001060010

img Contract:

Guy Beuvery
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imgSkype: guy.recruitbycrowd

img Whatsapp: +31649321997

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